The Happy Rhino - Vegan
Food Truck Berlin
An upcoming foodtruck bringing daily changing vegan food
using fresh seasonal ingredients!!
Autopaul are fitting the kitchen over the next few weeks, including the extraction system (which is about it as fun as it sounds!) and stainless steel walls, then its equipment installation and we're ready to RUMBLE!

We're stoked to announce we'll be doing the catering for the Haus Schwarzenberg Geburtstagsparty in Mitte on September 9! 
That's going to be awesome!
Also confirmed is Sonnige Aussichten Festival at Tommyhaus on September 29, more deets to follow!!

Loads of NEWS to report...
The main painting part is finally finished - massive thanks to Antoine 1 & Antoine 2!! And Joseph Nowak for the designs!
It looks awesome!!
We will be doing the Oi Polloi mural on the back later next month. 
Most of the repairations to 
the actual car
​are complete now. 

Mission Accomplished!
A MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who donated, came to the tasting, shared the vid, gave feedback on the food and helped me along the way!
It was a huge effort and after the fees the project made just over 10K!!

I've been printing tees and bags the past few weeks and sent off the last packages today (Dec 23) so you should get them in the next two weeks...

So from January on I'll be on the hunt for an awesome (but rundown and cheeeep!) foodtruck to get done up into the all-singing an' all-dancin' Happy Rhino!

In the meantime I'll be making an appearance at the Crazy Bastard Pop up Kitchen on Feburary 17-19
and at the Kill Your Idols Festival on March 18 &19!

Check out the events page for deets!