The Happy Rhino - Vegan
Food Truck Berlin
An upcoming foodtruck bringing daily changing vegan food
using fresh seasonal ingredients!!


So about me...Other than a geezer wanting to start a vegan food truck in Berlin.

I left home and Australia when I was 19, and stumbled around the UK and Europe before settling in Edinburgh to do a degree in Journalism.
At the same time I got a job on the potwash in a 5 star hotel with my mate Graeme.

It wasn't my first kitchen job, but it was my last dishwashing job.
I skipped over to a Cuban restaurant as a kitchenhand, working with a decent Scottish Chef. He was a grumpy cook in a shitty situation, but he taught me the menu good enough anyway.

This came in handy when he walked out mid service several weeks later.
I got through that service somehow, and the manager sat me down – I came away with a pay rise and a promotion.

Within a month I'd gone from dishwasher to kitchen manager.
I hired some friends and we did our best at Cuban food for two years.
Around the same time I started promoting DIY punk gigs around town, and I joined my first band, Spat.

The degree got done, and I spent a few weeks in the offices of The Scotsman
newspaper calling dead peoples relatives and falling asleep in Parliament.
Not much chop I thought.
Graeme had moved on to a four star hotel and talked me into going for the Head Chef job.

So I bullshitted my CV, put on a suit, and went to the interview.
In the three years that followed, as Head Chef, I learnt how to cook.
Every season I changed the menu and filled it with ingredients and cooking techniques I had no idea about.

Then I worked out how to cook them using google, Graeme and our good friends trial and error.
Still, we nailed it, and came away with some half decent food awards in the process.

It was then that I started thinking about the future...
Cooking is awesome because the stress is exhilirating, the pressure of honing down the techniques is exciting, making up new flavours is inventive and there's never a dull moment working with an international motely crew of misfits.

But all that stuck in a sweaty kitchen for hours and weeks and years... No that didn't make sense.

But a foodtruck? A moving open kitchen on the street? At festivals? Markets? In the punkrock mecca of Europe that is Berlin?

Now that makes sense.

And here I am, with a new band (two actually), a medium grasp of the German language, and a vegan food truck quest that's gonna rock you!
Playing with Spat back in 2011 at the Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh