The Happy Rhino - Vegan
Food Truck Berlin
A Berlin based foodtruck bringing daily changing vegan food
using fresh seasonal ingredients!!
The Happy Rhino is a vegan food truck and catering company offering high quality, homemade, fairly priced vegan food.
The project was funded in part by a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 (thanx to everyone who supported!), and donates 5% of all profits to animal welfare charity Save The Rhino .
Our food is supplied from fresh suppliers of fruit & vegetables, and our meals are served with a free selection of hot sauce from  Crazy Bastard Sauce !
We operate May - October within a 100km radius of Berlin.
For more info about getting the Rhino at your festival/ event/ etc. drop us an email .


Soy mince, kidney bean, vegetable  sweetcorn Chili, spinach, avocado and garlic sauce, Basmati rice and rainbow salsa


Cold filtered Espresso on ice with Ice Cream, Soya Milk, Agave Syrup and Caramel 


Two variations: either BBQ Jackfruit or Seitan with Pico De Gallo, Avocado Sauce and  Spinach


American style fluffy pancakes topped with custard, Agave nectar syrup, mint, icing sugar and fresh fruit.  

Crispy broccoli florets in beer batter, on spinach with Homemade Szechuan sauce. 

Heading 1


April, 2019

Summer Program is Complete!

Got some awesome festivals and events to look forward to this Summer!
Check out the EVENTS page for the full list!


Happy Rhino Hot Sauce!

This year's new Brandanschlag Hot Sauce is out! Now selling at Crazy Bastard Hot Sauce & Abstand we bring you this awesome hot sauce made with smoked cayenne, harbenero, oranges and apples. 
All profits go to Rigaer 78 Hausprojekt to help with the roof repair!

Oi Polloi Mural!

Truck mural completed!

Thanks to awesome artist Toine the Oi Polloi back mural is done! 
Everyone else who donated is also neatly listed on the side... 

Save the Rhino International’s vision is for all five rhino species to thrive in the wild for future generations.
They collaborate with other organisations to support endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.
5% of Happy Rhino profits are donated
to Save The Rhino