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Food Truck Berlin
An upcoming foodtruck bringing daily changing vegan food
using fresh seasonal ingredients!!


Freegan Hot Sauce im Gefahrengebiet

YESS!!!! We have our own HOT SAUCE!!

Made with organic vegetables from a locally grown farming project, "freegan shopped" vegetables, the legendary 1312 Sabotage Pils & Caribbean 7 Pot Chilli, this hot sauce is 100% not-for-profit & DIY!!

7 Pot Chillies are awesomely juicy and tasty, and get their name from their spiciness- as one pepper is said to be enough to spice a pot of stew each for seven families. 

All profits sold by suppliers will go to a charity of their choosing.
A list of places to buy it will be up next week!

Made in collaboration with Crazy Bastard Sauce, this will be officially launched on December 12 2017 at the Hail Seitan! Anti-Xmas Dinner Party in Kreuzberg!