The Happy Rhino - Vegan
Food Truck Berlin
A Berlin based foodtruck bringing daily changing vegan food
using fresh seasonal ingredients!!


The making of the Happy Rhino...

The idea to start a food truck was born out of despair - I love cooking, but how could you spend your life in a kitchen, with no windows, working away to make food for people you don't know or will never see.

Moving to Berlin was part of the plan, because the city is so interesting and living is easy.

At the end of 2015, I began to take it seriously. I switched to full time and began to work my arse off! Saving everything dime that came my way!

In 2016 I worked on a crowdfunding campaign which I launched in October the same year - It was successful, and people raised just over 10K which made the dream a reality (I'll be forever thankful to everyone who contributed!).

I was still on a super tight budget, I put all my savings together and worked out a budget but foodtrucks were expensive.
On the last day of the year I found one, it was cheap, there was half a kitchen in it and it worked. So I bought it!
And 2017 began with a foodtruck!

The first half of 2017 was spent designing and building the kitchen, as well as getting the motor repaired and the paintjob done. All this couldn't have been done so cheaply without help from some very good mates (you know you are!!!=).

It took right up to August to get everything done... This included cutting and installing sheet aluminium flooring, lowering the benches, covering them with stainless steel, installing the extraction system, painting the entire foodtruck, getting the rear springs replaces on the car, installing the grill, installing fire extinguishers, a cupboard for gas storage, knife racks, utility racks, the till, display shelves as well as the paperwork to go along with it all.

FINALLY in the same week as our first booked event we were READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!

From August onwards we hit Resist to Exist Festival, Sommerschlacht Festival, Spirit Festival, Haus Schwarzenberg Hoffest and Oper Air for Open Minds, and though some festivals were better than others, the whole thing was a MASSIVE SUCCESS!

We sold loads of food, everyone who ate came back and met heaps of cool people!

As of December 2017, the truck is in hibernation for the Winter. The Horn and Mohawk enabler (don't worry, you'll see) has just been installed, and there is some other work to be done before it gets back on the road for Spring next year!

For the Winter we are doing Pop Up Kitchens at the awesome Rocknroll Herberge in Kreuzberg! Check out the EVENTS page for details!